PLINQO! (No, not the game on Price is Right.)

My friend Tyler introduced me to PLINQO, a killer looking LINQ to SQL ORM data layer, for a side project I'm collaborating with him on.

I'm total newb to it, but I drooled when he gave me a quick crash course on how it works. It's giving me a wonderful opportunity to brush up on the LINQ skills and remember why I love .NET development so much.

I'm excited to see how it plays out for me... if I like it enough, I'll start using it in my own personal projects.

One thing I've been impressed with in the VERY short time I've used it so far, is how easy it is to pick up and run with.

How can you not like this:
public string[] GetStateEmployeeNames( int stateId )
string[] stateEmployees = (
from se in this.DataContext.StateEmployee
join e in this.DataContext.Employee on se.EmployeeId equals e.EmployeeId
where se.StateId == stateId
orderby e.Name
select e.Name).ToArray();

return stateEmployees;

It's goodness... I can't wait to see what other ease and power PLINQO will offer. Stay tuned...

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