All Your Undelete Are Belong To Us

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My friend Clint was trying to do some merging between branches in Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS) the other day, when he came across the error shown in the picture above:

"TF14087: Cannot undelete '[TFS FileName Here]' because not all of the deletion is being undeleted."

Ummmm, ok...?! :)


Unknown said...

TFS currently has a limitation that all items with a single deletion ID (i.e. they were deleted together) must be undeleted together. With that knowledge, the error message makes more sense - you can't undelete just one item because it is part of a larger delete operation. To work around this you may need to undelete the parent folder of the item you want to delete (I'm making an assumption here that the delete was done on the parent).

That One Guy said...

Thanks for the info, Matthew! We'll check into that... :)